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Cris Min

University of Florida College of Medicine
Class of 2018

I am a first year medical student at the University of Florida College of Medicine

As a Korean-American student, which falls under the broad category of Asian-American students, there is a heavy burden and a growing amount of pressure and expectation that lands on our shoulders. We are required not only to surpass the “average” but also among the elite, we must hold ourselves at levels beyond what our brothers and sisters of different ethnic groups must occupy. This is a stressful reality. Mr. Nam understands this and he considers this in his approach to highlight our strengths, to make us stand out among the crowd. It is not enough to have above 99% on the MCAT or a perfect GPA. We must break the barrier and soar in our talents and our passion. We must go beyond what everyone else has done or normally does, in a way that is distinctly us. Without any disrespect, a white medical advisor cannot help me in the way someone from my own culture can help me. Because there are cultural barriers and sometimes discrimination that exist that someone who does not understand my culture or me cannot possibly provide the solution for. However, for Mr. Nam, finding ways to break through the stereotypes is his specialty. As a member of the Korean-American community, I believe men and women who can think beyond these boundaries are vital in the future for the betterment and empowerment of our Korean people. Mr. Nam challenges me and cultivates me to become a leader in my community and my field of expertise. It is for this reason, that I trust and respect his judgment. He does this not out of any selfish motives, rather his motives are selfless in that he wants me to succeed in order to provide a better future not only for myself and my loved ones, but also for the entire community. I can confidently say that I have become a more confident, focused and motivated individual after meeting my mentor. I write this because of my gratitude for the lessons he has taught me and the broader and empowering view and mindset he has instilled in me. My name is Cris Min, I am a first year medical student at the University of Florida College of Medicine, I have received a large recurring scholarship from this school, and I am currently having the time of my life.

하버드 대학 졸업 후 의도적인 2년간의 갭이어를 잘 활용하여 전액 장학금 받으며 메이요 의대에 재학 중인 의대생
낮은 학점이란 핸디캡을 다양한 특별활동으로 보완하여 20위권 의대에 합격한 학생
한국 군대에 다녀오고 미국 의대에 합격한 학생에게 듣는 특이한 경험담
하버드 병원 전공의에게 듣는 성공적인 의대생활
하버드 의대생에게 듣는 의대 진학 성공사례
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